What Is ADM Smart Workforce?

ADM Smart Workforce is an intuitive, android based time tracking system designed specifically for companies with two or more employees who need to punch in or punch as they complete off-site work. ADM Smart Workforce App has two parts: a power web-based management application at the home or office and a mobile phone console for remote employees.

How do the ADM Smart Workforce App work?

It is simple. In employing a tracking system, users install ADM Smart Workforce App into their smart phones. ADM Smart Workforce App updates location on every 2 minutes from the 24 orbiting GPS satellites. This information is transmitted back to internet servers maintained by ADM, allowing you to track and monitor your field workforce and assets online and in real-time.

Is this service free?

The application on the phone is free. There is no additional functionality in the mobile application that can be unlocked by purchasing a license. The website however has additional features and functionality like exporting all your tracks in one to KML or GPX and require you to purchase a license on a yearly base. Contact us with your profile for details.

What are the advantages of using ADM Smart Workforce App?

  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce paper work and maintenance costs
  • Positive impact on customer satisfaction
  • Improved overall company performance
  • Optimized GPS routes that reduce time and cost
  • Significant return on investment

Can I track my mobile also ?

Yes, you can track a mobile phone after installing the application on it. You just need to start the application and leave the application running in the background and surf to this website to view your tracks.

Can multiple people view at the same time?

Yes, you can view as many number as you want at the same time.

Will I be able to view the details of my outside work force?

Yes, any computer which has an internet connection will allow you to view your work force.

If I don't delete any track, how long does the system keep it?

For Premium users retain tracking data is available for a period of one year. Please note that any tracks created by leaving the app running when you are not moving may be removed at any time and are considered to be worthless.

How often does Live Mode in the map view update?

If the user whose map you are looking at is currently running the application and is submitting locations, the map will update each and every 1 Mintues , while in Live Mode.

If at some point the user closes the application, or for any other reason there is no new data is coming in, the Live Mode view of the map will automaticaly switch to a lower (90 second) frequency of refreshing. Once the user returns to live mode, the frequency will be restored to 15 seconds, and a sound will be played in your browser to alert you about the event.

Can my outside work force be tracked anywhere in India?

Yes, ADM Smart Workforce Application work over the GPRS network, and your work force can be tracked all over India using the wide spread GSM/GPRS network.

What is GPS (Global Positioning System) ?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

How do the tracking units transmit data?

The tracking units transmit data over the GPRS network provided by GSM network operators.

How much data will be transmitted?

Obviously this is dependent on the usage itself. An average track of about 8 hours on road will result in a data transmission of approximately 400 KB (i.e. less then 0.4 MB). In other words, very little. With the help of ingenious filters and formatting the amount of data is intentionally kept on a minimum level.

Does this app work when the phone has ran out of battery ?

No, it will not work when the phone has run out of battery.

What network does the ADM Smart Workforce App operate on?

The ADM Smart Workforce App operates on the GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz networks.

What happens if my work force moves to an area with no GSM/GPRS coverage?

The ADM Smart Workforce intelligent unit will store data in it's internal memory, and once the work force moves to an area with GSM/GPRS coverage, then the stored data will automatically be transmitted to the ADM Smart Workforce servers.

How accurately does ADM Smart Workforce track work force ?

Typically within 10-15 metres.

GPS status indicates ‘Awaiting signal’ / 'Signal too weak’

This means the phone is looking for more satellite signals to pinpoint your position.This is absolutely normal behaviour.As soon as you go outside, the phone will have a clear view over the skies, and will start working sooner.Both the 'Waiting for signal' and 'Signal too weak' indications are fully normal, especially when indoors.

Does GPS work under covered areas (e.g., tunnels, parking garages)?

No, GPS utilizes satellites for accurate tracking. If the sky is inaccessible to the mobile unit, tracking cannot take place.

Will bad weather affect GPS?

This is highly unlikely. The sky must be blocked by an object for GPS to be affected.

Incorrect locations being submitted

Your phone can only submit whatever locations it measures by listening to GPS signals. If your GPS reception is poor the accuracy of the submissions will go down coherently. To get the best results, make sure to use the service when you are on the move. In a car, on a bike or just walking around. GPS reception within concrete buildings is minimal.

For how long is the tracking data stored on ADM Smart Workforce web-site?

We will typically retain tracking data for a period of one year for each client.

How can we get one demo account of ADM Smart Workforce app?

For ADM Smart Workforce demo account, Please contact us with your complete details.