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  • Status-Specific Dashboards.
  • Current Status of Entire Work Force.
  • Quick visualization of data.
  • Self Driven with Real-Time Visibility.
  • Live view of Ticket Response.

LiveOn Map

  • Real Time Tracking of Work Force Locations.
  • Track movement remotely using web application.
  • Multiple days tracking on the map.
  • Replay movement (Between - Two Dates & Time).
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Work Assignment & Scheduling

  • Create unlimited Work Flow Templates.
  • Create Customized fields with mandatory option while assigning the task or on reverts.
  • Assign work instantly & schedule for future.   
  • Bulk Assignment through Excel File.

Mark Place

  • Mark your Retailer, Distributor, Offices and Shops on MAP.
  • Define Customizable Category.
  • View Markers based on Category / State / City.
  • Geo Fence on your Marker.
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Targets Vs   Achievement

  • Create unlimited products.
  • Assign product wise target (Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / for specific Days).
  • Audit and confirm target achieved.
  • Mobile user can view live status of the target.
  • View Graphs of the Target Vs Achievement on Web with different filters.

GeoFencing & Routes

  • Mark important places under geo-tagged boundaries.
  • Advance Security with Restricted Travel Zones.
  • Assign Specific Routes to sales force.
  • Instant alert on entry into or exit from Geo tagged location / Routes.
  • Set multiple numbers for SMS or email id for Geo tagged Alert.
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Alertsfriendly solutions

  • Set alerts on every activity with Location, date & time.
  • SOS Alert with Address and Live link of MAP.
  • Customized Alerts (Customer name / Customized Text / Received Amount / Service Done / Order Placed).
  • Get SMS / Email alerts in specified time period only.

Smart Messenger

  • Send free text to entire group instantly via web portal.
  • Message your colleague even when they are offline.
  • Message delivered in ADM Smart Workforce`s Inbox option.
  • User can reply message with GPS coordinates.
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  • Real-Time live data from remote location.
  • Customized data entry forms for on-field staff.
  • Customize Formatting (Text, Number, Date, List, Barcode, Attachments,
    Camera Image, etc.) with mandatory field.
  • Capture Signature with instant image on site.


  • Dozens of built-in reports (Attendance, Activity, Journey, Meeting, etc.)
  • User’s productivity metrics.
  • Extensive Filtering Options.
  • One Go Summarize Report.
  • Every Report is can be exported to Excel.
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App Showcase Image


ADM Smart Workforce app installed in GPS enabled Andriod of the field sales or any onfield staff which silently works in background and sends information to the central server.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Punch attendance from mobile.
  • Customized Forms to capture & send business releated information instantly.
  • 2 Way message communications.
  • Get daily assignment.
  • Add Places on map & mark with images.
  • Get Directions using maps on mobile.
  • View all the day log history on App.
  • Offline mode with Data Storage.
  • Integrate with existing ERP


A powerful web based application compatible with all major browsers is available for Dept Head and Company administrators to centrally control all the operations.

  • Accessible from any web-enabled device
  • Integrated with maps
  • View live locations of entire work force.
  • View Marked Places on the MAP.
  • Alert configuration.
  • Geo-fencing and related triggers.
  • Instant work assignment with Custom Work Flow Template
  • Set target, measure & view on chart form.
  • Circulate information via smart messenger
  • Instant & Real Time Report
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