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Enterprise Messaging (SMS)

  • SMS Information and bulletins to staff and citizens.
  • SMS Alerts within the office (system breakdowns, network failures, etc).
  • SMS Alerts outside the office (e.g. flood warnings).
  • SMS Payment system (e.g. pay parking fines).
  • SMS Confirmation about appointments, events.
  • SMS Reporting system on damage, harms, accidents.
  • SMS Reminders on upcoming meetings.
  • SMS Campaigns for any new government plans.
  • SMS Notification for awareness programmes.

ADM Smart Workforce

  • Accurately track worker time to control payroll and overtime costs.
  • Quickly collect job info in the field and instantly share it with the office.
  • Capture photo and signature for instant updates of records.
  • Auto attendance from field and assign different format for different types of data.
  • Offline working so remote area can be reached easily.
  • Submit daily work assignment.
  • 2-way message communications.
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