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  • Promote products or services to existing and prospective customers.
  • Instant notifications and alerts on everything - from cash withdrawals to card usage.
  • Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly alerts to update on account balance status.
  • One Time Passwords (OTP) confirmation to customers.
  • Funds transfer & Payment confirmation updates.


  • Promote your institute in an efficient manner.
  • School closure Notifications/ Alerts / Reminders to Parents/Students.
  • Daily home work alerts to parents via instant SMS.
  • Examination Schedule Updates.
  • Weekly or Monthly Performance Report to Parents.
  • Attendance and Absent Reports to the Parents.
  • Information about sports, Events and Extra Classes.
  • Send Update on upcoming Parents Meeting.
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Real Estate

  • Real Estate agents can send information regarding new properties, space availability etc. as per customer’s requirement.
  • SMS Promotion of new projects to the right target groups.
  • Online portals can send an alert to buyers and sellers when a property matches their needs.
  • Send SMS to target users in regional language.
  • Auto reminders on everything from the rent to maintenance dues.
  • Integrating SMS Alert Services with your Website.
  • Distribute SMS coupons that allow discounts and special offers.

Retail / Consumer

  • Launch Contest, Games or Quiz to build publicity around a Brand or an Event.
  • Updates on new launches, new product arrivals.
  • Inform your loyalty card holders for fresh stock and discount offers.
  • Updates on new launches, new product arrivals.
  • Special Festival Offers & Promotions.
  • Instant notification from order booking to shipment confirmation to customers.
  • Track customer experience and feedback through a survey sent via Enterprise Messaging platform.
  • Integrate automated SMS alerts with existing ERP or CRM application.
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E - Commerce

  • Send automated SMS reminders of abandoned cart purchases and on-stock notifications.
  • Promote new products and daily deal offers through SMS.
  • Gather customer feedback about product quality, purchase and shipping experience in real time.
  • Organize supply chain and excellent customer service.
  • Subscription services to visitors to build brand loyalty.


  • Communicating various offers to existing & prospective customers.
  • Improving corporate communication.
  • Delivery updates (Customers will be informed in real time and drivers can get further instructions via SMS)
  • Tracking possibilities (packages, orders, alerts, products, etc, or door-to-door delivery service with real time notifications)
  • Send automated SMS messages to clients on delivery.
  • SMS notifications, reminders, alerts to customers.
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Tours and Travels

  • Advertise promotional deals & offers via SMS to all existing & new customers.
  • Promote various package tours, such as Honeymoon, Wildlife, Adventure, etc.
  • Communicate various activities during tour like River-Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Jungle Safari, Scuba Diving, Etc.
  • Departure information updates.
  • Flight time changes communication.
  • Alerts on delays, changes or cancellation.
  • E-tickets confirmation & cancellation alerts.

Hotels & Resorts

  • Promote special facilities like Currency exchange, Baby Sitting, Airport Pick & Drop etc.
  • Advertise various Packages like Marriage Receptions, Birthday parties, Cocktail parties, etc.
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation.
  • Tour Plan Confirmation.
  • Advertise seasonal discounts via SMS.
  • Notification of Special Events like DJ Night, Shaam-E-Ghazal, Sea Food Festival, etc.
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Pharma & Healthcare

  • Promote major events & health care events.
  • Send health or exercise tips and advice.
  • Send reminders on trainings, new services.
  • Send notifications on any changes, appointments.
  • Send healthcare and lifestyle advice.
  • Send reminders on membership renewals.
  • Send SMS invitations for new training sessions.

Automobile Companies & Auto Dealers

  • Lead Generation via mobile channel.
  • Welcome note to new customers.
  • Advertise complementary products to consumers via SMS.
  • Send safety tips via SMS.
  • Invitations for Test Drive.
  • Information broadcast to customers on new Product Launch.
  • Launch SMS voting to get the opinion of your customers.
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Insurance Corporations

  • Alert on premium renewal.
  • Pre-alerts on payment dues.
  • Policy expiry information.
  • Follow up message after agreements.
  • Documentation received confirmation.
  • Loan application approved/declined communication.

Marketing Agencies

  • Promote about latest Events, Movies, Breaking news to all subscribers.
  • Marketing campaigns via SMS.
  • SMS voting.
  • Event promotion.
  • SMS polling.
  • Communication with correspondents.
  • Ticket booking confirmation.
  • Corporate communication.
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  • SMS Information and bulletins to staff and citizens.
  • SMS Alerts within the office (system breakdowns, network failures, etc).
  • SMS Alerts outside the office (e.g. flood warnings).
  • SMS Payment system (e.g. pay parking fines).
  • SMS Confirmation about appointments, events.
  • SMS Reporting system on damage, harms, accidents.
  • SMS Reminders on upcoming meetings.
  • SMS Campaigns for any new government plans.
  • SMS Notification for awareness programmes.