ADM Smart Workforce makes it unbelievably easy for the office and sales force to send instant updates on leads, quotes and orders in real time & as situations develop (as easy as tweeting!) enabling higher sales closures thereby top line growth.

As a sales person

  • Punch attendance from the field or remote area to avoid unnecessary office commute.
  • Create a sales opportunity/report activity on it as it happens, from your phone, in one easy operation.
  • Import task from your manager, review and submit as activities.
  • Get important circulation from your company.
  • Record daily activity as a proof of journey.
  • Submit daily achievement & view FTD/MTD on your smart phone.
  • Get driving directions & Plan your travel visit accordingly.
  • Update sales meeting and required report instantly in real time.

As a sales head

  • Record working hours from location/customer concerned.
  • Deploy your mobile sales force effectively with the help of instant work assignment..
  • Do away with time consuming process of paper handling of DCR & travel expenses.
  • Set product target & assign it on daily , weekly and monthly basis
  • Continuously measure and monitor sales performance along with customer meeting visit.
  • Instantly update management on Sales statistics.
  • Field & Event Marketing
  • Retail Field
  • Telecom Sector
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate
  • FMCG


ADM Smart Workforce enables effective service personnel deployment for faster customer response times ensuring efficient work force thereby Customer Delight.

As a service engineer

  • Receive customer details / incidents on your mobile along with complete call history.
  • Update status on query on the ADM Smart workforce and stop wasting time filling up manual daily activity reports.
  • View customer locations on map and get driving directions to the same. Plan your travel time efficiently.
  • Instantly capture customer feedback & signature for the service provided and generate bills.
  • Attach files / photos of the meeting for offsite analysis.
  • Raise Spare requests, track spare dispatch and utilization.

As a service manager

  • Track the utilization of your field personnel`s time & call response time, travel time, resolution time, out of office time, overtime etc.
  • Assign/schedule service calls to service personnel calls optimally with the help of their real time location information.
  • Get timely, accurate and valuable information on how efficiently your field team is deployed and improve on the same.
  • Define the workflow to be followed by service personnel for call status reporting on the mobile.
  • Security Services
  • Health Care
  • Banking
  • Facility Management
  • Insurance
  • DTH Industry


ADM Smart Workforce provides instant fleet location capture for prompt reply to customer queries and enables seamless communication between the office and cab drivers.

As a driver

  • Receive new customer details about payments to be collected/service to be delivered.
  • View customer locations on map and get driving directions to the same. Plan your travel time efficiently.
  • Update status of query through your mobile-dispense with out any handwritten communication to customers.
  • Capture customer feedback & signature on the service provided.
  • Instantly update office on any material collected or delivered.

As a field coordinator

  • Assign/schedule calls effectively with the help of their real time location information.
  • Track the utilization of your driver`s time, call response time, travel time, idle time etc.
  • Do away with time consuming report generation like delivery reports, collection reports etc.
  • Instantly know availability of driver.
  • Provide real time status reply to customer queries.
  • Stay connected to all active drivers using Smart Messengers.
  • Local Courier / Delivery
  • Transportation
  • Dispatch-Driven Cabs
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Auto Sector
  • High Value Asset Tracking


What you want...

  • Improved customer service.
  • Increase the efficiency of a growing mobile workforce.
  • Improved management visibility & its field service.
  • Limited impact on IT and need for additional hardware resources.
  • Incorporate industry best practices and business processes.
  • Rapid deployment and integration with other existing key systems.

What we have...

  • Complete work force automation Services : Tracking, Mobility, Work order management and many more features.
  • Fully integrated mobility solution.
  • ‘Bring your own device’: As a tracking device.
  • Flexible dispatching processes, including street-level routing and appointment booking.
  • Option to integrate with existing applications.
  • Mobility Data Collection
  • Construction
  • Communication & Utilities
  • Sales Team
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Contact Address Verification
  • Payment Collection
  • Media Industry
  • Food & Beverage