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Enterprise Messaging (SMS)

  • Advertise promotional deals & offers via SMS to all existing & new customers.
  • Promote various package tours, such as Honeymoon, Wildlife, Adventure, etc.
  • Communicate various activities during tour like River-Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Jungle Safari, Scuba Diving, Etc.
  • Departure information updates.
  • Flight time changes communication.
  • Alerts on delays, changes or cancellation.
  • E-tickets confirmation & cancellation alerts.

ADM Smart Workforce

  • Auto attendance from field.
  • Assign different format for different types of data.
  • Capture photo data of places vsisted.
  • Offline working so remote area can be reached easily.
  • Collect due amount & print and deliver online receipt.
  • Date wise, week wise visit reports.
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