ADM offers a full POS system to help
you run your retail business,
no matter your size or style.


Lower Cost

Traditional POS vendors require owners to invest tens of thousands of Rupees to acquire computer hardware and software. And after these systems have been purchased, owners then need an IT professional to come in and set up the computer, implement the back office server, and install the software. In addition, they have to pay to maintain and upgrade the system as it gets outdated or requires new features. These costs all add up in a big way. But those are legacy and traditional POS systems.

With ADM point of sale systems user pay a quarterly or yearly subscription fee for the rights to use the software application. User can use their existing android mobile or tablet or have to purchase the necessary phone or tablet to run the software and a blue tooth printer for the print of receipt (optional).

So overall entry level cost is very less and later if he shift his business to some more profitable venture same can be used there also or he can use the tablet or phone the way he want to use.

Easier Installation

Go to Google play store and download the APP and login using given username and password and you are ready to go, the process is still far more straightforward than what you get with traditional POS systems. Our Support team will help in configuring your backend like product and other basic details for you using your web credential.

Remote Access

ADM Portal is accessible online and maintained through the cloud, customers aren’t tied to an on-site computer. They can log in to their accounts from anywhere, using any device that has internet access, and view all of the data stored in their system in real-time.

Remote Support

Traditional models require owners to pay an IT professional to come in to troubleshoot and maintain their systems. Aside from being very expensive, this also requires them to wait around for an IT person to arrive and fix the issue before they can continue using the system.

POS is a mission critical system — if it's not working properly or can’t be accessed during business hours, it can be catastrophic to the business operations and the customer experience. Whereas ADM POS systems, on the other hand, can be accessed and supported remotely, which eliminates the need for on-premise support and allows for more timely assistance.

Depending on their level of support, managers or employees can call support line and have all issues resolved quickly over the phone.

Regular Software Updates
And Troubleshooting

ADM Team is constantly working and improving the Solution and customer experience based on market needs and feedback received from the market and users and these updates are automatically applied in the latest app on Google play store.

Secure Data

Traditional POS systems store all of the data that they collect in an on-premise computer and for securing this data and applying high level firewall security are way expensive and need dedicated manpower to manage and run them. Whereas ADM POS use AWS Security which is one of the best for keeping the data Secure.

Offline Mode

ADM POS works in both online and offline mode so if internet is not available it will store the data in the device and when device is online it will update all the data on the cloud server.

Easy Modifications
And Greater Flexibility

Any changes in the backend are automatically implemented in seconds, and changes instantly sync to all connected terminals and devices this gives more flexibility and ease to do business.