Connect with your customers,
wherever they are.

Increase sales & enhances business relationships.


Sales pipeline

Everyone will work to the same sales process and manage enquiries in the same way. This allows you to easily estimate revenue and adjust sales efforts according to your budget.

A successful sales pipeline relies on an optimized and well managed sales process. With ADM CRM, you can set and manage targets for all stages of sales, from lead generation to closing orders.

Task management

You will never forget to follow up again. Nor will anyone else in your sales team. ADM CRM gathers all important tasks in the scheduler. Creating new jobs is easy - both for yourself and for others in your team. All performed activities are gathered in the Reports, which provides a quick overview of the status of the customer.

Sales/Customer service

Use graphs and dashboards to visualize the results What is the target and how far are we from it? You can also use the visual features in ADM CRM to make reports and meeting slides more transparent and thus more effective. It does not have to be the sales targets which become a dashboard or graph. For example, you can provide an overall snapshot of support cases. It all adds to the overview - without endless updating of Excel sheets.

Analyses data and
Produce quick reports

Your company’s customer database contains valuable information about your customers. ADM CRM gives you the tools to analyze that data and initiate action. For example, is there a pattern to which customers are leaving you? Which Executive sells to a particular industry the best?

Marketing and
Lead generation

You can send predefined emails with attachments directly from the individual customer card to make the consistency across the team. When it is time to follow up on the email, the individual salesperson can look at customer card and see what has been clicked and previously send to avoid duplicate sending of the information to the client. This makes the conversation with the customer more relevant and targeted.

Design PDF and
Email templates
With merge fields

Get a consistent and professional look for newsletters, offers and other documents that you use in sales. Design your own email and PDF templates in ADM CRM and make your lives a little easier.

With ADM CRM, you can actually merge i.e. recipient name, product images, prices into your templates. You can, of course, use the material already available in your ERP system.

Easily import and Export
Data from Excel

New products, suppliers, lead data etc. ADM CRM is open to new data which can help you and your sales team. You can import and Export Excel files into the database in ADM CRM. To do so you will be using pre-defined formats that are available where excel imports are allowed.

Assign different access
Rights for your employees

Who in your sales team must have the ability to import and delete data? Should everyone be able to do all jobs? Competencies, the degree of confidentiality and responsibilities vary greatly from employee to employee. Therefore, ADM CRM has more authorization levels than just "administrator" and "user". With the help of user groups and access levels, you can be sure that everyone in your team gets a profile which suits their needs - neither more nor less.

Keep in touch with your
Customers directly
Through ADM CRM

You can book meetings with your customers directly in ADM CRM and sync with your calendar system. Of course, it also works the other way around. When your Manager open a customer card, they can see if you have a meeting with the customer. That way, ADM CRM provides extra overview - without duplicated effort. The calendar in ADM CRM also makes it easier to see which colleagues are available. This makes it possible to book meetings on behalf of others.

Access your contacts
from anywhere

ADM CRM can sync with your calendar system. This also applies to all customer contacts in ADM CRM. Your phone is automatically synchronize with the calendar system, you will also be able to call your client from ADM Mobile app on the go and update the outcomes on phone which will be saved in the customer card which can be accessed by you or your manager later on.

Capture and record
Inbound emails

We can send SMS and Email at the time of submitting the form so live information from the employee can be send to the Manager or production unit or dispatch unit or anyone who don’t have the access to our web portal or our mobile App. Also, it is use full if you want to send an acknowledgement to you customer for the order received or payment received.


How much of the sales work done in your team ends up as orders? Management and production constantly need answers to that question.

ADM CRM performs estimates using the pipeline function. In each phase of the sale, the individual salesperson assesses the likelihood of success on a lead. Then ADM CRM does all the calculations puts together a report. That means the end of endless Excel sheet updates.

ADM CRM’s budget function also makes use of the estimates. This allows you to react in time if your team is falling behind.

Create and customize fields according to your needs

A CRM system is essentially a database, developed specifically for sales. If you choose ADM CRM, you get a system which you can adapt even more. It can be fitted to your exact needs.

ADM CRM is free of unnecessary fields which no one ever fills anyway. You start with just the most necessary, and then you can add fields or change field names and contents of the drop-down lists. It is also possible to add advanced features to the fields - such as tallying, calculation function or variable options in the drop- down lists.

Use the database of products and product lines to put together quotations.

The product database in ADM CRM gathers all the information about your products and services. Whether these are machines or consultants, it is an advantage for your sales team to know all the details.

ADM CRM takes care of it. The product database also makes creating opportunities a breeze, and when it is time for upselling, knowledge of past purchases can create the perfect call list. Of course, you can synchronize the product database with your ERP system or import the product info from Excel sheets.

Send SMS and make calls
Via IP telephony or
Mobile APP directly
From the customer card

The phone is most salespeople’s preferred tool. Most IP phone systems can be integrated with ADM CRM and that offers a number of advantages. For example, when a customer calls in, ADM CRM will recognize the phone number and, with a single click, you have the customer card on the screen.

When you need to make an outgoing call, a single click on the number will do. ADM CRM can also send text messages to a client or to a whole segment of recipients - for example, a "day before"-reminder when you host an event.

Plan routes for
Customer visits and
Get there on time

Customer addresses in ADM CRM give you direct access to the Google map function on your smartphone. This is done via the mobile App of ADM CRM. That means you can quickly find out how long a journey to the customer takes and be guided all the way.Register personal relationships across customer cards.

If a lead already knows your business or your product or has personal relations with one of your colleagues, it should appear on the customer card. ADM CRM keeps track of all the important relationships and makes the collective knowledge available to your sales team.

The function can, of course, be used to keep track of who is playing golf together, but there are also many other interesting networks and relationships - for example, a customer on the board of several companies, a customer in a department with ties to sister departments or an interesting network of former colleagues. You have a lot of knowledge. The flexible fields in ADM CRM makes it possible to exploit it better.

Integrate support and
See all Cases through

Good service is the best basis for upselling and long-term customer relationships. Therefore, ADM CRM has organized support with i.e. a ticket system to ensure that your support team always follows up. You can also send status emails to customers through ADM CRM.

At thsame time, salespeople can stay up to date through the customer card. Here, it is possible to record details of each purchase and associated support history, i.e. last service and model number. Another tool in the support module is a common FAQ for the sales and support team. From here, it is possible to merge effective standard responses into customer emails.

Register time with
A single click and
Get everything
On the invoice

Are all your support hours registered? Or do the many short efforts disappear from the invoice or the internal time recordings? ADM CRM starts time tracking on a client or task with a single click. That way, you get a more accurate picture of time spent on a customer. ADM CRM has a number of other useful functions for recording time, mileage and other customer-driven expenses.

Local Telephone support
in English

ADM CRM is designed to be used, not just bought. Therefore, you and your colleagues will receive help to get started from guides, courses and a very simple user interface. Should you encounter problems, our customer support is just a phone call away. We will handle your call with India based support to make it as easy as possible for you. You are also welcome to send us emails with your questions- possibly with attached screen dumps or videos.