ADM facilitates GPS-based asset management solutions, are being used by businesses across a wide variety of industries to track and monitor their equipment travelling across the world using different means of transportation. These businesses include those that manage heavy equipment for construction, portable generators, refrigerated trailers, and even medical equipment.

For many businesses, GPS tracking and asset management go together like a beer and a burger, or apple pie and ice cream. However, what many organizations do not realize is that they need to use both real-time GPS asset tracker data and specialized asset management software technologies and processes together to track their assets effectively.

When combined with the asset management software, an asset tracking device enables you to track, monitor, and record a wide variety of data, asset use statistics, and events.

  • Complete Asset Visibility.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • Geo Fencing.
  • Destination Reached Alert.
  • Journey With Google Km.
  • Asset location.
  • Asset activation/deactivation.
  • Distance to the delivery location.