ADM m-health offers a reliable, real-time, affordable and easy to use tool to keep record of all the patients. This m-Health System could be a promising approach not only for physical assessment but as well as a tool in intervention programs to assess the patient evolution.

ADM m-health also map your Doctor/Ambulance/SOS number so you don’t have to find it in case of emergency it is just available on the app so you just need to click to dial them. It will also keep record of all the test and on dashboard you can check your BP/Blood Sugar/Weight/Temperature Charts.

Remembering to change dosages of multiple medicines is very challenging and confusing. ADM m-health can help in keeping record of your daily medicine In-Take. It can remind you of your appointment with the doctor/time to take Medicine. Even it can remind your caretaker to take you for the doctor appointment or your medicine stock is finishing.

  • Medical Test upload.
  • Prescribe Medicine to client.
  • Schedule Appointment with Doctor.
  • Dr. Appointment List and Reminders.
  • Reschedule Appointment.
  • Medical Dashboard like BP/Temperature/Sugar/Weight Chart etc.
  • Let you schedule medications.
  • Send reminders when scheduled.
  • Register medicines taken on time.
  • Automatic reminders of refill prescriptions.
  • Connect to the pharmacy.
  • Detailed information of drugs.
  • Share Patient medical history and medication with other family members in real-time.
  • Reminds of missed dose.