ADM Helpdesk improves
operational efficiency and
boosts customer satisfaction.

Enables to quickly and accurately respond to
customer service requests and complaints.


Easy to set up

ADM’s intuitive onboarding process allows your team to continue supporting your customers without requiring excessive hand-holding.

Simple and Intuitive UI

With an Intuitive UI that has been designed to boost agent productivity, ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk makes it easy for your team to provide support with no distractions.

Multi-Channel Support

ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk elegantly brings all customer communication into one place.

Communicate with customers via a wealth of channels - email, web, API,Mobile.

Increase efficiency
with Automation

With a ticketing system, automating routine tasks to improve your team’s productivity is a breeze. Take advantage of our dynamic forms to improve and automate parts of your workflow, so that you spend less time carrying out repetitive tasks and more on offering great support.

Mobile agent tools

ADM easy to use helpdesk mobile app for Android platform that supports all major smartphones and tablets, your customers can be supported even when agents are away from their desks.

Custom fields,
Statuses, and Properties

We know every business is unique, so we've designed Advance Forms to adapt to any customer service environment.

With our Advance Forms, You can also create custom fields that are conditional and unique to your organization.

Create unlimited custom fields for tickets, users, and even customers. You can also organize your custom fields into categories.

Reports and Analytics

To help understand complaint trends and the quantity of complaints coming in, we offers comprehensive reports, you can identify problems faster, recognize good or bad performance, track customer satisfaction and monitor service standards and do the needful to enhance operations.

Increase customer loyalty

With a well-organized customer support process, the courtesy of an online ticketing system, it becomes easier to make customers happy. These customers will be loyal to your brand, and will spread the word about their positive experiences.

Categorizing and Prioritizing

The biggest advantage of using ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk is to have the ability to manage Complaints by categories.

Receive all customer complaints, categorize them accordingly under the respective group and assign them to appropriate staff so that complaints never stay unattended in the wrong queue.

Knowledgebase for
Complaint resolution

Customer complaint does not always have to be forwarded to the Engineer or any other person. Maximum complaints are resolved via phone or mail supports in first go.

With ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk admin can create a huge knowledge base. Agents can preview the articles, insert them into tickets. This is a huge time saver for busy support agents.

Staff Dashboard

Your staff can view their open, resolved and pending tickets, view replies and ticket inflow all on one screen.

You can create roles for your staff, based on their geographical presence and Skill Level. Thus, you can eliminate any chances of staff being assigned a ticket that does not come under their skill set.

Video Links and Pictures

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and a video is worth even more! ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk allow agents to upload images, embed a screencast, or share a video link directly into a ticket with just a few clicks, so they can show customers exactly how to perform a task or fix a problem.

Manage SLAs and
Meet deadlines

Standardize service across your support team using service level agreements. ADM Helpdesk lets you set SLA policies for the time within which agents should respond to and resolve tickets. System will automatically escalate issues to managers whenever SLAs are not met.