ADM Helpdesk is an online portal that helps in managing of all customer complaints and Servicing. It allows the user to record the complaint and loads it to the complaints database. It provides a comprehensive platform to resolve these complaints with ease.

Its features include an online complaint box where all customers complaints are accumulated so that the service provider can access, analyses and respond the customer issues. It brings in customer conversations from multiple channels like phone, email, and social media into a single, easily accessible location where you get all the context you need.

ADM Helpdesk also lets you automate routine support tasks to increase the efficiency of your team and reduce excessive workload.

The objective of the ADM Helpdesk is to get away with the hassle faced in dealing with the issues that are faced in daily business operation.

Any kind of workflow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

ADM Helpdesk is an excellent solution to resolve issues in more managed and streamlined manner. It saves time as well as money in resolving issues easily.

This helps in building customer loyalty by efficient handling of their complaints and you can achieve a sustainable client database.

  • Complaint entry either manually or via integration or Excel uploads facility.
  • Complaint distribution State, City and Area wise or to a particular engineer as per Skill Level.
  • Schedule appointment before making visit to save time & money.
  • Per Day Complaint/Ticket handling rule. e.g. 20 Ticket/Day.
  • Set Time interval between one service call to another call.
  • Ticket/Complaint releasing if not attended on expiry of set time interval.
  • Setting rule for complaint acceptance, if number of open tickets reaches X value in a day.
  • OTP confirmation incase of Ticket cancellation from manager/line manager side.
  • Service rating score and feedback score from client via OTP.
  • Auto payment calculation on Ticket completion either completed or canceled for Freelancer/3 rd Party/Off Roll Service Partners.
  • Configure Workflow -Manager Approval with service note.
  • Payment reimbursement details form Finance end.
  • Reminder to an Engineer on new ticket generation.
  • SMS /Email Notification to Engineer/Customer/Manager at different processes.
  • Access each complaint’s history and check the status update with details of how a complaint is being progressed and what       actions are being taken.
  • Complaint Analysis with TAT.
  • Complaint Report.
  • Complaint Dashboard.
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  • All Features of ADM Meeting.