ADM HRM is simple but robust
HR software designed for
all size of companies.

Manage on-boarding, employee data, attendance,
leave, payroll, travel expense & measure
performance with a single cloud based solution,
which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

Mobile Attendance app
Inbuilt-GPS and
Face recognition

Mobile Attendance powered the user to On Duty & Off Duty from anywhere using their Mobile. It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place to work.

Mobile attendance app is built-in with face recognition technology to check & verify the employee face. Attendance will only be marked when employee blink his eye. So, there is no need to worry about fake or buddy clocking.

Employees can use their own Smart phone for Attendance. Attendance data will sync in real time with our server. It has many flexible reports which can be easily exported to Excel.

Auto Attendance Feature

Our innovative auto Attendance feature with Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition can accept up to 20 employee’s attendance / minute. Any Android Phone/Tablet with front camera can be mounted on the wall or tripod for capturing Attendance.

Every Employee will come in front of the camera at check in time, Camera will auto detect his face and captured the image and system will auto match his/her face from the previously captured image from the database and marked his/her attendance and will become ready for next employee. This function is so fast that within 10 minutes 200 employee’s attendance can be captured automatically.

Different Public Holidays

Public holidays can be different for different sets of employees and you can give the employees the right to choose holidays as per their belief and Religion in a year.


In case an employee is working overtime, App will auto calculate the working hours and update the salary automatically. App also has the option to get this overtime Approval from the manager before processing it for the salary.

Attendance Process Period

The attendance process for an employee can be closed on a specified date of the next month before the salary calculation. All Pending approvals for leave, Advances or any allowances need to be done before that so that amount can be processed with the last month salary. Any approval of the amount after this period will be released with the next month salary.

Integration with Biometric
Devices and Readers

ADM supports various biometric devices that are available in market today that keeps track on employees working hours and attendance management. Using our Jason Based API’s any device can push data/retrieve any data from our server.

You can configure any number of attendance readers based on any number of organizational Branches, Gates. There can be separate readers for in time and out time records.

Attendance Status

In case there is Attendance record and leave application of an employee on the same day, then you can choose whether you want to consider attendance or leave as the status of the day or you can restrict employees to mark attendance if leave is applied for the day. In this case he will update his leave status first and then app will allow him to mark his attendance.

Deduction Policies

Very powerful late coming, early going, monthly deficit hours and overtime policies can be set and whether the same be adjusted against an employee’s leave or salary based on fixed or multiple time or salary amount. You can also set maximum over time hours that can be taken and OT can start after how many minutes after shift out time.

Attendance Policy

ADM lets you configure rules for attendance and other disciplinary action which is necessary to maintain a healthy work-strength in your organization for functioning properly.

You can set different absenteeism rules like set weekly offs as absent if weekly is found between two absent, set public holiday as absent if public holiday is found between two absents, set weekly offs as absent if absence is found before or after weekly offs.

Leave Policy

HRM Module let you create different type of leaves and leave category. Assign Leaves to these categories and based on your organizational structure assign these leave categories to all your employees.

Any update in any category will have instant effect on all the employees in that category. HRM Module provide HR with option to define Leave Calendar Year with Leave carry forward rules if any when new leave calendar years starts.

Pay Policy

Easy payroll policy configuration through our system, which ensures the perfect calculations of employee’s payroll cycle including all the necessary statutory deductions.

Flexi Weekly Offs

Any combination of weekly offs can be set for an employee for e.g. if employee is assigned a market where Saturday is a holiday then you also define his weekly off as Saturday. Whereas for other employees you can define weekly off as Sunday.

You can also define different weekends for different employees like Saturday, Sunday for Some Employees whereas Tuesday and Wednesday for others. You can also Define Sunday as weekly off and in addition 2 and 4 Saturday as add-on weekend off.

Employee Self Service

Employees can Mark attendance, Apply Leave, check their Salary Details, Apply for Advances etc. Upload Documents like PAN Card /Aadhar card /Qualification Details or any other documents required by HR. Employee can request for I card or Visiting cards or any other item from Request to HR Form.

Employee has the facility to upload the Proof of Investments for income tax declarations. Employee can opt for Different Income Tax Deduction Options thru employee self-service option in the app. This Self- Service Module will eliminate any delays and burden of HR.

Cloud based software
allowing anytime
anywhere access

Data from multiple location, Multiple Mobiles, Multiple Attendance Machines is synchronized on a centralized attendance server on cloud and is accessible anywhere from web browser and Mobile App.

Compatibility with
Android smartphone

With Android Smartphone data can be synchronized at a glance from any remote location. If internet is not available smartphone will store the data in offline mode and when even internet is available it will upload the data on the server in background so user can work in any environment without warring about the availability of the internet connectivity.

User access right

Allow module wise and application wise access to user. Manager can access data of his team only whereas HR can access data of all the users.

Leave Management

Anytime user can check allocated and available Leaves on his mobile phone and have the facility to apply any of the leave. At any time, he can check the status of his leave (Approved/Rejected/Pending).

With few clicks Manager can monitor employee's attendance, absent, late, early departure and can approve his leave from anywhere any time using his mobile App.

Import/export data
to and from excel

ADM provides various excel templates to upload your master data into the software; i.e. employee details, HR details, Leave allotment etc. Moreover, user can also export any data of employee’s in excel like Employee’s OT, Attendance, Salary Details etc.

Incentive /Deductions

Our payroll processing system lets you determine any ad-hoc payment or any necessary deduction against the loss caused by an employee. This will let you directly settle that amount in your employee’s payroll cycle.

ESIC Report

With our system, you can auto-generate ESIC Report for all of your workforce and make necessary deductions from their payroll cycle to make a payment of their ESIC benefits.

PF Report

Conveniently generate ECR file for depositing your employee’s provident fund in their PF account. The file generation will make the process simpler and efficient.


After the processing of employee’s payroll, a TDS report will be generated for the Deposited of the funds in the government treasury. The system will accurately generate the amount as per the governments law for tax deductions on income slabs.

Auto Salary Generation
Sheet with Salary Slip

HRM Module provides auto generation of salary slips for employees which they can access from their employee self-service portal.

Bank Letter
for Salary Payout,

Generate bank Letter for your organization’s bank for processing your employee’s Salary.

Pay by Cash, Cheque
OR Bank Transfer

You can set the mode of payment for each employee in the form of Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer. The system will give you the exact figure of payment via different mode in Payout Report.

Expense Management

TA/DA Rules can be defined based on Location and Designation. The Software will Auto calculate/ check the expense claimed by an employee & will approve based on the city he/she has traveled to, their designation, time of the day & much more organization defined factors.

TA/DA Calculation
Along with Google KM

Auto Calculation of TA/DA based on our Journey KM tracking feature with add on support of Google KM in case background services are not running on your phone.

Employee will start his journey and will fill the form stating where he is going and after reaching the destination he will press end Journey now based on predefined rule and his location of travel (Local/Up country/HO etc.) and his Designation and total KM traveled (Google KM) system will auto generates his DA and TA.

System can be configured to auto calculate return journey automatically. If company wants Employees can snap pictures of their expense receipts and enter their miles and upload an image of their odometer on the Claim Form.

with Approval

HRM Modules provides facility to you employees to request for the Loan and Advance. All advances will be writing off with the entries from voucher Module. While applying for the Loan Employee will define the purpose, loan Amount, need by date, Re-payment of the Loan in how many months, EMI for each month, Loan Deduction starting month. Then Authorized person will approve/reject this loan request and if loan is approved then this amount will be deducted from his salary as per the EMI.

Voucher Module
with Approval

HRM Modules provides facility to you employees to request for the expenses incurred by them on travelling / boarding /lodging /food or any other as per the policy and their designation supported by proper bills with authority of the approver to easily accept or reject the expense based on upper limit using his mobile phone.

Resignation Apply
with Approval

Employee can apply for the resignation with required details from his self-servicing module and HR can approve or Reject it Form his mobile App.

Payroll Report

Generate payroll report for your management to have a detailed insight on all the employee’s payroll cycle. The report has total expenditure done on their workforce which can be useful to calculate actual revenue.

Salary Report details
Summary with
Disbursement details

Review all the current salaries in detail or in summery with mode of payment and disbursement date of all your workforce department wise.

Loan Report

Employee can watch all loan request with status pending/approved/Rejected. Employee can also check the status of the current approved loan with information like Loan amount, Loan Date, Total Repayment till Date, Loan Balance Amount.