HRM Module is simple but robust HR software designed for all size of companies. You can manage on- boarding, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, travel expense and measure performance with a single cloud-based solution which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

HRM Module eases the very laborious task of every month payroll processing. It includes complexities regarding calculations, deductions, statuary regulations and other daunting activities. Our HRM Module is designed to suit every small, midsized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits.

Touchless AI Face Biometric Attendance System
Experience the new-age touchless biometric machine that ensures safe and seamless attendance management. This is a no touch attendance system in which the face of the employee is scanned to mark their attendance. Kent CamAttendance is the best biometric attendance machine for fast, easy, and accurate attendance management. CamAttendance online attendance app leverages the latest AI-based face recognition attendance system to help organizations address the primary concerns of security, accuracy, speed, and compliance. Enables organization-wide transformation of time and attendance systems for improved efficiency and employee convenience. Touchless Identification High Speed & Accuracy Real Person Detection End-to-End Security

Reports & Analytics
Offers real-time actionable insights in the form of reports & dashboards. Dashboards - Different dashboards for employees/supervisors/HR. Out-of-the-Box Reports - Over 20 standard reports for attendance, leaves and recognitions. Customized Reports - Get Customized reports from our development team for unique requirements. Report Scheduler - Schedule reports directly into your inbox via automated schedule.

HRMS Integrations
Improves operational efficiency with seamless HRMS integration. Webhooks - Out-of-the box webhooks for recognition data. APIs - Standard and custom APIs for sync between cloud and HRMS. FTP Upload - Upload recognition data directly from device to FTP server. DB Sync - Sync cloud data with your on- premise DB for compliance and offline reporting.

Payroll Management

Hassle-Free & Simplified Payroll Management Solution
A Payroll Management System is used to manage all your employee's financial records in a simple and automated fashion. An efficient payroll management system helps manage employee's salaries, deductions, bonuses and generation of pay-slips, etc.
Payroll experience is redefined using Kent CamAttendance. The salary calculation is performed on the basis of attendance data captured by the AI-based face recognition system. Kent CamAttendance automates payroll workflows, helping you avoid manual entry, paper-intensive processes. Additionally, you can create multiple pay slabs for your staff and transfer employees' salaries directly to their bank accounts with timely online transfers.

Problems with manual payroll management system
• Processing inaccurate information
• Delays in Employees’ Payments
• Underpaying or overpaying the employees

Kent CamAttendance – Best in Class Payroll Management System
The Kent CamAttendance has three sections dedicated for Payroll namely: Payroll Settings, Payroll and Reimbursements.

Under Payroll Settings:-

  • The client can configure the master for Salary Components
  • Define multiple Salary Structures
  • Create Salary and Bonus Templates
  • Manage the Statutory Components (Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance).
    The Run Payroll and Payroll History is under the payroll section from where the client can Finalize or Generate Payroll for a calendar month and even track the Run payroll history for the previous months.

    The Reimbursements section:-
  • It consists of all the reimbursements requests for Fuel, Communication, Food or LTA.
  • The admin can approve/reject the reimbursements claimed by the employees.
  • Pay salaries and expense reimbursements to your employees using the ready to upload statements specified by your bank.
  • Employee Self Service
    Improve Employees’ Confidence with Mobile and Web Portal Based Attendance Solution Kent CamAttendance is an employee self-service app specifically designed to help employees of a company check-in or check-out from their android phones anywhere they are. This app is designed for the convenience of the employees, allowing them to start working from wherever they are. Admin users can easily enable employees of their company to make use of CamAttendance Employee app and mark their attendance from certain allocated locations or other locations outside the premises.

    Challenges with conventional Employee Self - Service Solutions

    • On-Premises Attendance Solution
    • No provision for mobile attendance
    • Managing team is a major hurdle
    • Lack of transparency in accessing data

    • Kent CamAttendance - A Simplified Attendance Solution for employees
    • Frees your employees from premise or device-specific attendance systems
    • Gives employees the power to mark attendance and manage leaves on-the-go
    • On entering in the range of check-in location, a notification will be notified.
    • The employee can even raise a Regularization request
    • Allow supervisors to manage team’s time and attendance requirements from their phone
    Mobile Attendance
    Capture and manage attendance on the go
    Face + GPS Check-in
    Allow employees to check-in via Face Recognition and/or GPS location
    Check-in Prompts
    Notify employees to Check-in when they come within designated geo-fences
    Auto Checkouts
    Automatically checkout employees when they move out of designated geofences
    Roster View
    Empower employees with complete visibility of attendance, holidays, leaves, and exceptions in a calendar view
    Leave & Exceptions
    Leaves and attendance in the palm of the employees
    Leave Balance
    Real-time view of employee leave balance and history
    Leave Requests & Approvals
    Allows employees to apply for leaves and supervisors to approve/reject them
    Attendance Exceptions
    Keeps track of short hours or incomplete attendance as attendance exceptions
    Regularization Requests & Approvals
    Allows employees to apply for exception regularization requests and supervisors to approve/reject them
    Team View
    Bird's eye view of team attendance for supervisors
    Team's Attendance
    Allows supervisors to view their team's attendance
    Team's Location
    Allows supervisors to view their team's GPS positions in real-time

    • The payroll system auto syncs with your biometric devices and captures attendance.
    • Eliminates time-fraud issues, such as buddy punching.
    • Once you confirm payroll, salary slips are automatically generated in payroll system.
    • Employees can track and submit online leave, expense claims and managers get immediate notifications for approvals.
    • Employees get to view details of their profile including information of their managers, salary hikes, PF & ESI,etc.
    • Employees and managers can even make online shift change requests and approvals.
    • Your payroll data is secure. We use SSL, 128-bit data encryption, and hosting on Amazon Web Services.
    • All changes in statutory laws are automatically updated in payroll software.
    • With online help desk, live chat, phone & email support, our team would get all your payroll queries solved quickly.
    • Salary Breakup Report.
    • Salary Slip.
    • CTC Report.
    • Salary History Report.
    • Salary Register Report.
    • Salary Bill Register.
    • Payslip and Salary certificate.
    • Abstract of Salary.
    • Bank Statement.
    • PF Broadsheet.
    • Annual Report for all & individual Employee.
    • Employee Id card.
    • Selected field of employee.
    • Auto generated full and final settlement reports.