Mobile automated solution that
enables employee’s real-time journey,
tracking, anywhere, anytime.


Mobile Journey App
Inbuilt - GPS

Mobile Journey powered the user to click Journey & Destination from anywhere when starting and ending the journey using their Mobile. It uses GPS Data ensuring that proper KM are counted.

System will send the data to server every 3-10 minutes when user start journey till they press the destination button and this distance is aggregated to form the total KM traveled. Journey data will sync in real time with our server. It has many flexible reports which can be easily exported to Excel.

Cloud based software
Allowing anytime
Anywhere access

Data from multiple mobiles is synchronized on a centralized attendance server on cloud and is accessible anywhere from web browser and Mobile App.

Compatible with Android Smartphone devices

With Android Smartphone data can be synchronized at a glance from any remote location. If internet is not available smartphone will store the data in offline mode and when even internet is available it will upload the data on the server in background so user can work in any environment without worrying about the availability of the internet connectivity.

Live View on Map

Live synchronization with centralized system allows you to easily view live Location of your Employee in no time on the Map.

Replay on Map

Journey Data synchronization with centralized system allows you to easily replay any journey of any employee any time. Normally 3 Months data of the journey are kept on the server.

Live Dashboard

You can check any time how many employees are in journey on Dashboard. This information is also available in Journey summary.

User access
Right Management

Allow module wise and application wise access to user. Manager can access data of his team only whereas HR can access data of all the users.

Monitor employee journey
By Manager

With few clicks Manager can monitor employee's total KM traveled and employees in journey at anytime from anywhere any time using his mobile App. He can monitor Employees from his team only whereas HR/Admin can monitor all the Employees of the Organization.

Smart Messaging

ADM Smart Workforce is equipped with smart messaging. Admin can send Message to selected or all employees using our mobile application in real time and can also check whether they have read it or not and that too at no additional cost.

Multiple Forms

All Modules of ADM Smart work force comes with Form Module where we can design any number of forms for as per your business needs. You can use these form to take orders, for collections , Visit Reports or DSR etc. they are so versatile and have lot of field types (Text , Pictures, Barcode , Signatures, OTP, Numbers, Location etc.) that can easily accommodate any requirement of any kind of Industry and business model be it B2B or B2C.

Alerts Communication
Over SMS/Email

We can send SMS and Email at the time of submitting the form so live information from the employee can be send to the Manager or production unit or dispatch unit or anyone who don’t have the access to our web portal or our mobile App. Also, it is use full if you want to send an acknowledgement to you customer for the order received or payment received.

Print Receipt

After the submit of the form we can provide the Receipt to the customer for all the transaction/ Payment / Order with their signature using a portable Bluetooth Mobile Printer.

Company Geo Graphical Structure and
Sales Hierarchy

Customer can create different geographical structure and sales hierarchy for his company. Admin user of the customer can define different zones; States, City, Area Company is operational in.

He can also create sales hierarchy for better team management and user can monitor or watch data as per there hierarchy and team assigned to them. One Manager at same hierarchy cannot watch the work done by any subordinate of different team.