Capture leads generated
through multiple traditional
& digital channels.

Keep track of leads & reduce leaks.


Lead Capture

Capture leads from all your online-paid ads, social media, chat, webinar etc. and offline channels-events, phone calls, walk-ins etc. at one place. Also capture leads from lead aggregators and third-party websites with zero leakage.

Leads from aggregators like India Mart, Just dial, Trade India can be configured in no time as there API’s are already preconfigured in our System.

Lead Assignment

Assign the newest incoming leads to the right sales rep. When leads are assigned to the best person, fast closure is possible and good customer service is guaranteed.

Our system Support Auto/Manual Assignment of Leads based on Product category / Geographical Area / Lead Source to Tell callers /Team Leaders or Manager or Directly to the Field Staff.

View Enquiry
Lead History

View customer interaction history on the ADM application including quotations generated, attached notes/remarks all in one place. Gain in-depth insights into your prospects by studying enquiry history.

Lead history can be viewed based on Call status Like Call Not Picked/Invalid Number/Invalid Data/Reschedule Call/Talked or Lead Stage wise like leads in Follow-up/DEMO/In Negotiation / Management Approval/PI Sent/Waiting for Payment/Payment Received stages.

Targets vs. Achievement

Assign Daily Call Target

ADM Lead Management provides facility to set the daily calling target for each Telesales/Sales Team. This will create the pressure on your Sales team to make desired number of call per day.

Manager can check the call target Vs. Achievement Report on his mobile of all his team member.

Set Rules of Telecalling Target

Set rule for daily telecalling. Based on these rules user will be able to see how many calls he have made and what target is left for the day.

You can also set the rules where last day shortfall of calling will be added in today’s calling target. User can also Set rules like if a call is made but disconnected within 15 seconds or rules like Call attempted but phone is not reachable then all these type of call will not be added in the calling target .

Assign Monthly Revenue Target

ADM Lead Management provides facility to set the Monthly Revenue target for each Telesales/Sales Team. This can be set as Volume Target like total collection/ Sales Targets in Rupees. You can define multiple targets to one Employee like Monthly Sales Revenue, AMC Revenue , Collection Revenue or target can be set in terms of Quantity of a multiple products to be sold in a month.

User can watch any time the current status of his Achievement. They can also analyze the total forecast based on current achievement for the remaining days of the month with or without including Public holidays or Weekly off or Leave applied.

Manager can check the Target Vs. Achievement Report on his mobile of all his team member for all the products.

Role Based Permissions

User access can be restricted to only the leads relevant to their role based on Lead Assignment Type templates. Lead access can be restricted based on Maximum number of leads given to each user in a day. Admin can also configure how many leads user can download in one go e.g. one lead at a time or multiple leads in one go.

Built-in Dialer

Track and record conversation your agents have with prospects to ensure high compliance and productivity. Manager can listen all these calls for training and Quality assurance purpose.

Integration with
3rd party Software’s

ADM Lead Management Module can be easily integrated with 3 rd party CRM /Software’s across industries using APIs, allowing a bi-directional information exchange.

Dashboards & Reports

Our robust dashboard & reports help you measure every piece of your process,from campaign spends to sales closure rates.