ADM School Van is a GPS and RFID based tracking and monitoring solution which is one of the Best School Bus Tracking System & Solutions for Student Safety in India.

Our smart tracking system enables live tracking of buses and monitoring of student activities in and out of school bus. With the real-time school bus tracking software, you can save time, money and ensure safety of your child.

ADM School Van is the most trusted app when it comes to tracking apps in India. Its unique features and easy to use interface make it unique from other tracking apps.

ADM School Van incorporates admin portal, parent app and driver console app. The web app is exclusively for the school admin while the mobile app is for the mentors, parents and bus drivers.

ADM will obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of the children and let parents and school know exactly where their children are and when they will arrive home or school with automated notifications when bus nearing the boarding point, when child gets picked, dropped or is marked absent. It gives the school and its transport team an edge to design optimal routes, auto-generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window.

The major factor that increases ROI is Routing technology, that helps schools to optimize routes, provide a quicker navigation and reduce travel time. School seating management is another factor that serves to effectively manage student seating arrangement in the bus and ensure safe ride.

  • RFID technology for student monitoring and secure premises.
  • Defended commute through tracking of the school buses by parents and schools.
  • Alarms and monitoring of the student in and out activities to ensure safety and security.
  • Parents can check the real-time school bus location and estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Access information on your fingertips with smartphone or tablets.
  • Automated attendance of students and staff which can be easily stored and retrieved.
  • Best route planning software for the schools.
  • Dashboard for the admin for real-time bus tracking.
  • Tracking up to five children with the same app and same mobile number even if they are in the different school who uses ADM School Bus.
  • Driver behavior management.
  • Native development on Android platform.
  • Class Room Creation.
  • Student Creation.
  • Bus Stop Creation.
  • Route Creation.
  • Driver and Conductor Creation.
  • Bus Creation.
  • Assignment of Route to Student.
  • Assignment of Route to Bus.
  • Assignment of Bus to Driver and Conductor.
  • Parents ID Check with system while student drop.
  • Bus Shift in case of Emergency / out of order.
  • Vehicle Service Update.