GPS & RFID embedded technology,
focused on student’s boarding/deboarding,
safety as well as efficient time management
for schools and parents.


School Bus Works?

  • Create an account for school after getting into an agreement.
  • Purchase RFID Enabled Mobile/Tablet.
  • Technical Team will give you training for how to operate Mobile App and Portal.
  • Setting up user profiles, vehicles, routes, etc.
  • Printing and providing RFID cards to students/Attendant of the student.
  • Sharing user credential and mobile app link to parents.
  • Bus assistant will get notified about which trip & route they have to take via mobile.
  • Mobile app will show the route, bus stops, students, etc in their mobile.
  • Students can mark their attendance by swiping the card while boarding and

    unboarding on the vehicle and parents get notification of the same. While unboarding at the stop attendant must show the card to Bus assistant and same will be validated and the picture of the attendant will be matched with the picture present on the Tablet to ensure the utmost security of the child before handing over the child.

  • Parents will get notification about the real-time location of the vehicle in their mobile.

ADM School
Bus for Schools

Schools are responsible for safety of children, right from the time they enter the school and till they are back home safely. Safe transportation of school children is also a big concern for schools. Our school bus tracking software, helps schools to track the students in real-time. It ensures the safety and security of children.

  • Our bus tracking tool allows better monitoring and a more streamlined commute which makes students safer.
  • The school bus tracking technology improves the operational efficiency and hence improves coordination.
  • Increased student safety values to parents which builds trust on you and takes your school reputation to new heights.
  • The investment in the school bus tracking system is another means of cost cutting

    and boosts the Return on Investment (ROI). The major factor that increases ROI is Routing technology, that helps schools to optimize routes, provide a quicker navigation and reduce travel time. School seating management is another factor that serves to effectively manage student seating arrangement in the bus and ensure safe ride.

ADM School Bus
for School Admin

Web-app is exclusively for the school admins which enables live tracking of school buses and monitoring the student activities in real-time.

  • Efficient monitoring of school buses and real-time updates on the same.
  • School bus manager can track the record of students’ boarding and deboarding with RFID technology.
  • Dashboard enables admin to handle multiple operations like school calendar,

    noticeboard, buses running, trips completed and available routes.

  • It helps admin to plan and execute the trips, routes, pickup and drop points.
  • Efficient route optimization which helps to improve the process efficiency and save the bottom-line costs.
  • The school bus tracking solution generates notifications for any unscheduled stops or unplanned movement.
  • Alerts and notification to make informed decisions at the right time to ensure better safety and fleet management.
  • Admin can easily schedule/reschedule the buses and also the arrival/departure time can be overseen.
  • Information about traffic jams, whereabouts of the bus or any emergency

    is notified through real time vehicle tracking.

  • Along with smooth functioning, it brings transparency in system. Data is made available for future audits.
  • Automates operations which improve efficiency and save on operational costs.
  • Admin is quickly informed about any suspicious event happening in the school premises or while commute.
  • DATA SECURITY : ADM School Bus Tracking Solutions ensure that no student

    data is compromised. Encrypted data transmission certifies that the information is available to school authorities and parents only.

  • BUS HEALTH : Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your school bus fleet

    so that you can worry less about the fleet's well-being and focus more on student welfare and optimum school administration. Get regular health reports, idling alerts, maintenance updates and other school bus information that will enable you to implement a secure, reliable and economic transportation system for your school.

ADM School Bus
for Parents

As a parent, wouldn't you like to know where the school bus is that you and your child are waiting for?

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to see your child's bus on a map, know if it is running late, get an ETA estimate of its arrival, get notifications if it is behind schedule, and get alerted in case of emergency?

How about even being able to see that your child is confirmed to be on the bus so you know they are safe and en route as expected?

  • With today's quickly developing systems these features and many more are giving

    parents and school administrators more peace of mind, control and efficiency in the critical effort of transporting children safely to and from school.

  • ADM will obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of the children and let

    parents and school know exactly where their children are and when they will arrive home or school with automated notifications when bus nearing the boarding point, when child gets picked, dropped or is marked absent. It gives the school and its transport team an edge to design optimal routes, auto-generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window.

  • Transport team will get notified in case of any hold ups by buses as ADM lets the

    drivers to open up a communication channel with them. The team can notify parents in case of emergencies and can broadcast announcements to drivers when required. An intuitive dashboard is included for administrators to track live status of trips.

  • Child's boarding and dropping is confirmed by the flashing of a smart card and parents

    get immediate notifications. Notifications are also sent in the events like bus starting, bus nearing, pickup, drop, stay-back and absent. Accurate ETA is shown to parents from the trip start time so the parents can plan ahead and save time.

  • The parent app can be used in a smart phone, on android platform which enables

    live student location tracking and real-time location of school bus.

  • ADM School Bus allows parents to track more than one child at the same time with

    the same mobile number. This exclusive feature allows simultaneous tracking of children by switching the tabs, which makes it easy and convenient for the parents.

ADM School Bus
for Drivers

A handy app for drivers which informs them about the existing routes and stoppages. The mobile tracker app helps the drivers with the pick-up and drop off of students and acts as the best school bus route app.

  • The GPS Tracking app gives alternate routes in case of any contingencies.
  • Any new driver can easily access navigation and without any havoc pick and drop students.
  • In case of emergency, the vehicle can be re-routed with minimum diversions.
  • Drivers can generate emergency alert through the bus tracker system.
  • The bus driver app provides all possible routes to a particular location.

Future Enhancements

One of the major reasons for motor vehicular accidents is the driver drowsiness, which puts life of both driver and the passengers at risk. Fatigue for drivers can be due to lack of sleep, overtime, night trips which causes the body to react inefficiently, reducing both reaction time and wakefulness. We are integrating AI based driver drowsiness detection technology, which is a solution that recognizes the driver behavior or drowsiness, alerting the driver of their condition and ensures road safety. It can interact with driver to increase engagement and also informs admin about driver’s condition.