Easily manage and streamline
work on a single platform with
higher accuracy in distribution
related activities.


Retail Management

Retail Management is a part of ADM Smart Workforce Solution and is used by different organizations to manage their Retail Team to effectively Manage and maximize sales and profit at retail outlets where their goods are sold.

  • It manages Retail site audit and inspection.
  • Mobile Data Entry (Signatures, Images, surveys, etc.).
  • New order placement.
  • Workforce management features for field sales / merchandising team.
  • Add New Outlet from Market.
  • Order Via Bar Code Reader.

Attendance Management

ADM lets you manage all your attendance through modern technologies like, Mobile & GPS which enables you to track your employees’ attendance in real time.

With centralized attendance management system, you are allowed to integrate it to other modules for generating a perfect payroll as per attendance of the respective employee.

  • Punch attendance from market at reaching retail point or from fixed Store Location within Set Radius.
  • Capturing of Accurate GPS Location with taking self-photo/Face Recognition and AI to avoid fake attendance.
  • Specify working type Individually, Joint Working.
  • Apply leave with leave category as well mention leave reason.

Order Management

Order management starts when a customer places an order and ends once they receive their package or service. It allows a business to coordinate the entire fulfillment process  from order collection,inventory and delivery visibility to service availability.

An order management system is a digital way to manage the lifecycle of an order. It tracks all the information and processes, including order entry, inventory management, fulfillment and after-sales service.

  • Organizations can have near real-time insight into inventories.
  • Shows customers inventory details.
  • Avoids stockouts and lost orders.
  • Reduces markdown losses and clearance sales.
  • Improves the customer experience.
  • Provides visibility into inventory and order patterns.
  • Track Primary/Secondary Order.
  • Automated Re-Order on Minimum Low Qty.
  • Product Catalogue on Mobile.

Beat Planning
And Optimisation

Beat plan is one of the most important aspects of FMCG sales and distribution management since it prevents wastage of time and effort. Clearly defined territories ensure there is no overlap between field executives and that they are aligned to focus on their outlets and generate business that is the ultimate objective of the organization.

The common terms used for beat planning are “effective territory design” and “Permanent Journey Plan or PJP“.
A territory or geography gets divided into focus zones called beats. Each beat has a defined retail and end-consumer universe out of which company extracts a particular share.

Each beat gets optimally touched and serviced by company’s sales team based on different factors. Each beat’s sales performance can be analyzed with ease. Each executive will monthly fill his Tour Plan/Beat Plan/PJP Plan.

  • Show Route to Stockiest.
  • Daily Sales Report With TC/PC.
  • Tour Vs. Actual Plan Report.

Target Vs Achievement

ADM target tracker provides tracking performance against your goals is an essential part of any business. Having the tools you need to compare target vs. actual gives you the ability to move resources, change your approach, and improve on your team’s successes over time.

ADM offers many valuable tools to help you meet this need, including the built in complete summary with multiple analysis view But sometimes less is more, and simple form can have more function than the most detailed dashboard. You need a quick, clean, easy to understand tool for tracking performance and goals.

  • Set sales targets at individual, team, company and product family level (with SKU Wise/Party Wise).
  • Tracks performance (Target, Achievement, Short fall and Percentage Achievement).
  • Managers can override forecasts submitted by their direct reports. Doing this modifies the expected performance against current and future team targets.
  • Reviewable history to learn from the accuracy of forecasts submitted in the past.
  • The dashboard shows over / under-performance against sales targets at the company, team and individual level.
  • Manager or Individual can monitor team or individual Monthly Target Vs. Achievement (SKU Wise/Party Wise /Store Wise).

Stock Management

ADM stock management gives visibility to sales team with a single view of inventory that is found in the warehouse, stores, popup stores and in manufacturing centers. This inventory data can be viewed alongside the daily flows of inventory from online orders and damaged goods in the warehouse.

Sales team can see inventory across any digital channel. They can forecast the Minimum stock of each product that Retail Channel should have based on their total Sales forecasted by the Management for the month.

Team Management
By Manager

As a manager, You need to know who is doing well, who needs a push in the right direction, who is converting the most leads, and so on. You also need to know how the sales figures are looking. It’s common practice for sales teams to send in their daily or weekly reports, or sometimes for the manager to run a report on these different aspects of the sales team.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, these reports don’t always come through on time. Maybe the rep is super busy and can’t spend the time logging in, running the report, saving it, emailing it, and so on.

Maybe the manager doesn’t have time to do it for every rep, and slowly but surely reports go missing, and sales figures start to drop. Targets are missed, and revenue is down, all because nobody could find the time to produce a set of reports.

With ADM Sales force automation, these reports are available 24 X 7 for all channels and Sales professional. With the minimum of effort and interruption, the manager can evaluate employee performance and see a sales forecast analysis very easily. They can make changes as needed and not have to wonder why a particular report hasn’t been filed.

This builds confidence in the sales force and gives the manager a full set of information to work with. When key reports are missing, a manager is at best ineffective. When everything is produced and seen on time, the manager can function at full efficiency and bring out the best in their team.

User Friendly Portal

ADM efficient DMS portal is a very easy to manage and can handle all the work details effectively- assign, prioritize, manage, or completion of tasks. A single platform to integrate all business needs.

No Paperwork Required

Business operations can be easily performed with custom created forms with multiple creative options and concrete solutions can be drawn with real time monitoring of human resources.

Effective Resource Management

Manpower is one of the vital resources for a business organisation which can be effectively managed with employee efficiency platform where in time, out time, leaves, working hours and other data related to employees can be recorded and can be viewed anytime.

Perpetual Communication

Unceasing communication between employees and management can highly improve the business efficiency level. The chat manager and broadcasting system present on the platform will open up the doors of free communication in a business environment.

Highly Accessible

At the end of the day, when managers have access to Attendance Reports, Task Reports, Schedule Reports, Leave Reports and Expense Reports, then they can make accurate business decisions without any delay.

  • Company/SuperStockiest/ Distributor/Retailer Stock Report.
  • Daily Retail Order Summary.
  • Daily Call Reporting (call recording).
  • Daily Sales Report With TC/PC.
  • Tour Vs. Actual Plan Report.
  • Monthly Target Vs. Achievement (SKU Wise/Party Wise /Store Wise).

Live Interactions

Platform is well integrated with GPS tracking system which enables managers to tab their employees every move in real time such as Stoppage Reports, Distance Traveled, Total Time Traveled, Auto Check IN/OUT, Route PlayBack and much more.