ADM DMS is a Field Force Management and Automation software for industries such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma and other similar industries.

ADM DMS automates and mobilize the routine activities of various field forces who works remotely or on sight.

This platform enables organizations to establish 24/7 engagement, track minute activities and enhance the productivity of their task forces.

It is a one stop solution which helps in capturing all your primary order, secondary orders, along with sales returns. It gives complete visibility of the sales & daily TC/PC and many more along with demand and analysis for the market.

It is a decision-making tool in the hands of management with which they can draw conclusive decisions on the basis of insightful reports and vivid analytical reports.This can be customized with in a very short time as per the need for business organizations of every scale.

  • Its is simple, safe and scalable.
  • Requires no technical expertise.
  • Real-time product availability insights.
  • Maximize product portfolio sales through promotion.
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled systematic order book generation for each retailer.
  • Inbound ordering.
  • Demand Forecasting.
  • MIS & BI Reporting.
  • Consulting for high performance sales engine.
  • Real-time stock management.
  • Retailer Bonding Program.
  • Retailer Discount Management.
  • Retailer Scheme Management.
  • Reduced cost of order capturing.
  • Capturing & processing of secondary orders.
  • Centralized Monitoring.
  • Improved visibility of operations & scalability.
  • Phenomenal engagement with the stakeholders & customers.
  • Complete visibility of sales team for better productivity.
  • Complete visibility on Check in – Check out at customer/client side.
  • Intelligent analytics for maximum accuracy.
  • Control on supply chain, forecasting, planning & production.
  • Reduced working capital through shorter order to cash cycle.
  • Create, Track and Manage Beat Plans effortlessly.
  • GPS enabled GIS based Beat Tracking.
  • Add Outlet/Retailer along with distributor mapping effortlessly.
  • State and Beat based Outlet/Retailer Addition and Tracking.
  • Set target on employee wise & month wise.
  • Close view on target summary with analysis as Daily/Weekly/15 Days/Monthly wise.
  • Tracking and efficient management of your primary as well as secondary sales.
  • A granular visibility on the productivity of your distributors and retailers.
  • Real-time insights on product availability.