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Retail Management

Retail Management is a part of ADM Smart Work Force Solution and is used by different organizations to manage their Retail Team to effectively Manage and maximize sales and profit at retail outlets where their goods are sold.

It is a one stop solution which helps in capturing all your primary order, secondary orders, along with sales returns. It gives complete visibility of the sales & daily TC/PC and many more along with demand and analysis for the market.

  • It manages Retail site audit and inspection.
  • Mobile Data Entry (Signatures, Images, surveys, etc.).
  • New order placement.
  • Workforce management features for field sales / merchandising team.
  • Add New Outlet from Market.
  • Order Via Bar Code Reader.

Attendance Management

ADM lets you manage all your attendance through modern technologies like, Mobile & GPS which enables you to track your employees’ attendance in real time. With centralized attendance management system, you are allowed to integrate it to other modules for generating a perfect payroll as per attendance of the respective employee.

  • Punch attendance from market at reaching retail point or from fixed Store Location within Set Radius.
  • Capturing of Accurate GPS Location with taking self-photo/Face Recognition and AI to avoid fake attendance.
  • Specify working type Individually, Joint Working.
  • Apply leave with leave category as well mention leave reason.

Order Management

Order management starts when a customer places an order and ends once they receive their package or service. It allows a business to coordinate the entire fulfillment process — from order collection, inventory and delivery visibility to service availability. The workflow involved can differ based on a company’s needs, but a typical order management process includes three steps.

An order management system is a digital way to manage the lifecycle of an order. It tracks all the information and processes, including order entry, inventory management, fulfillment and after-sales service.

  • Organizations can have near real-time insight into inventories.
  • Shows customers inventory details.
  • Avoids stockouts and lost orders.
  • Reduces markdown losses and clearance sales.
  • Improves the customer experience.
  • Provides visibility into inventory and order patterns.
  • Track Primary/Secondary Order.
  • Automated Re-Order on Minimum Low Qty.
  • Product Catalogue on Mobile.

Beat Planning
And Optimization

Beat plan is one of the most important aspects of FMCG sales and distribution management since it prevents wastage of time and effort. Clearly defined territories ensure there is no overlap between field executives and that they are aligned to focus on their outlets and generate business that is the ultimate objective of the organization.

The common terms used for beat planning are “effective territory design” and “Permanent Journey Plan or PJP“.

A territory or geography gets divided into focus zones called beats. Each beat has a defined retail and end-consumer universe out of which company extracts a particular share. Each beat gets optimally touched and serviced by company’s sales team based on different factors. Each beat’s sales performance can be analyzed with ease. Each executive will monthly fill his Tour Plan/Beat Plan/PJP Plan.

  • Show Route to Stockiest.
  • Daily Sales Report With TC/PC.
  • Tour Vs. Actual Plan Report.

Target Vs Achievement

ADM Target Tracker: Tracking performance against your goals is an essential part of any business. Having the tools you need to compare target vs. actual gives you the ability to move resources, change your approach, and improve on your team’s successes over time.

ADM offers many valuable tools to help you meet this need, including the built in complete summary with multiple analysis view But sometimes less is more, and simple form can have more function than the most detailed dashboard. You need a quick, clean, easy to understand tool for tracking performance and goals.

  • Set sales targets at individual, team, company and product family level (with SKU Wise/Party Wise).
  • Tracks performance (Target, Achievement, Short fall and Percentage Achievement).
  • Managers can override forecasts submitted by their direct reports. Doing this modifies the expected performance against current and future team targets.
  • Reviewable history to learn from the accuracy of forecasts submitted in the past.
  • The dashboard shows over / under-performance against sales targets at the company, team and individual level.
  • Manager or Individual can monitor team or individual Monthly Target Vs. Achievement (SKU Wise/Party Wise /Store Wise).

Stock Management

Stock Visibility : The right system can give Sales team a single view of inventory that is found in the warehouse, stores, popup stores and in manufacturing centers. This inventory data can be viewed alongside the daily flows of inventory from online orders and damaged goods in the warehouse.

Sales team can see inventory across any digital channel. They can forecast the Minimum stock of each product that Retail Channel should have based on their total Sales forecasted by the Management for the month.

Journey Management

Journey module can capture the journey of your employees using their mobile phone with their location. System will calculate the total distance traveled by the employee. System will also provide Google KM between starting point of the journey to destination. To calculate the exact KM traveled using mobile phone it is mandatory that application should run in background positively. To do so certain permission and settings are required as per handset model which every employee should do and employee should not kill the app running in background. Employee either white list this app or not to use any app cleaner that can kill the app in background.

Mobile Journey powered the user to click Journey & Destination from anywhere when starting and ending the journey using their Mobile. It uses GPS Data ensuring that proper KM are counted. System will send the data to server every 3-10 minutes when user start journey till they press the destination button and this distance is aggregated to form the total KM traveled. Journey data will sync in real time with our server. It has many flexible reports which can be easily exported to Excel.

Meeting Management

Meetings Module enables you to capture all the details of the outcome of the meetings just after you finish the meeting. It allows you set reminders to all your follow-ups so no meetings can be missed. Your sales team does not have to prepare Daily Meeting Report as it will be created automatically. How Much time is spent on each meeting is also captured.

Meeting Module powered the user to click Meeting & Meeting Over from anywhere when starting and ending the Meeting using their Mobile. It uses GPS Data ensuring that proper latitude and longitude are captured so proper Address of the Location of the meeting can be captured. Meeting data will sync in real time with our server. It has many flexible reports which can be easily exported to Excel.

Lead Management

ADM Lead Management Module allows you to gather and streamline enquiries from multiple channels to a unified cloud-based Module. Enables you to see company details and contact records, and view communication history, Complete sales activities in one place so you can manage leads without any hassle.

Lead management is the initial stage of any sales process. When an individual or organization is identified as having potential in the product or service provided by your company, lead management will help you guide that entity through the steps that will point that lead toward becoming an actual sale.

Lead Capture: Capture leads from all your online-paid ads, social media, chat, webinar etc. and offline channels-events, phone calls, walk-ins etc. at one place. Also capture leads from lead aggregators and third-party websites with zero leakage. Leads from aggregators like India Mart, Just dial, Trade India can be configured in no time as there API’s are already preconfigured in our System.

ADM Helpdesk Module

ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk Module helps in managing of all customer complaints and Servicing. It allows the user to record the complaint and loads it to the complaints database. It provides a comprehensive platform to resolve these complaints with ease.

Its features include an online complaint box where all customers complaints are accumulated so that the service provider can access, analyses and respond the customer issues. Any kind of workflow request ticket can be raised, escalated to the desired employees & its progress can be tracked to see whether that issue is still open or closed.

Categorizing and Prioritizing: The biggest advantage of using ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk is to have the ability to manage Complaints by categories. Receive all customer complaints, categorize them accordingly under the respective group and assign them to appropriate staff so that complaints never stay unattended in the wrong queue

Manage SLAs and meet deadlines: Standardize service across your support team using service level agreements. ADM Complaint & Servicing Helpdesk lets you set SLA policies for the time within which agents should respond to and resolve tickets. System will automatically escalate issues to managers whenever SLAs are not met.

HRM Module

ADM HRM Module eases the very laborious task of every month payroll processing. It includes complexities regarding calculations, deductions, statuary regulations and other daunting activities. Our HRM Module is designed to suit every small, midsized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits.

HRM Module is efficient in a wide variety of tasks including employee attendance, calculating innumerable salary components; calculate overtime, tracking leaves, loans and advances, generating pay slips, PF reports, ESI reports, tax reports etc. It generates various reports for the further actions. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies.

You can manage on-boarding, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, travel expense and measure performance with a single cloud-based solution which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Expense Management

TA/DA Rules based on location and Designation : TA/DA Rules can be defined based on Location and Designation. The Software will Auto calculate/ check the expense claimed by an employee & will approve based on the city he/she has traveled to, their designation, time of the day & much more organization defined factors.

Daily TA/DA with Google KM via trip/event creation : Auto Calculation of TA/DA based on our Journey KM tracking feature with add on support of Google KM in case background services are not running on your phone. Employee will start his journey and will fill the form stating where he is going and after reaching the destination he will press end Journey now based on predefined rule and his location of travel (Local/Up country/HO etc.) and his Designation and total KM traveled (Google KM) system will auto generates his DA and TA.

System can be configured to auto calculate return journey automatically. If company wants Employees can snap pictures of their expense receipts and enter their miles and upload an image of their odometer on the Claim Form.

Loan/Advances with Approval : HRM Modules provides facility to you employees to request for the Loan and Advance. All advances will be writing off with the entries from voucher Module. While applying for the Loan Employee will define the purpose, loan Amount, Need by date, Re-payment of the Loan in how many months, EMI for each month, Loan Deduction starting month. Then Authorized person will approve/reject this loan request and if loan is approved then this amount will be deducted from his salary as per the EMI.

Voucher Module with Approval : HRM Modules provides facility to you employees to request for the expenses incurred by them on travelling / boarding /lodging /food or any other as per the policy and their designation supported by proper bills with authority of the approver to easily accept or reject the expense based on upper limit using his mobile phone.

ADM Invoicing

ADM Smart Workforce comes with invoicing built-in Module, so you can bill your customers directly from mobile anywhere any time. With the cloud-based interface, all your invoices are available online 24/7. You can organize them instantly, never to lose another invoice again. These invoices are GST Ready Invoices and can be fully integrated with Tally ERP.

Generating Quotation/Estimate :You can generate quotations/Estimate for the pre-created customers by selecting product, quantity, unit price, total cost and remarks for the quotation. Payment terms will be described here for payments.

Generating invoice: Create Invoices/Performa Invoice with Auto invoice numbering on Mobile App directly or you can convert your estimate into an invoice. You can also create recurring Invoices.

Supplier management : You can add suppliers with information like Company Name, Contact Person, Title, Email, Tel, Fax, Address and Postal Code. This is just to make records for the suppliers.

Purchase order management : You can create purchase order for your suppliers by adding information like Product Required, Unit Price, Quantity, Total amount and Remarks

Auto Reminders for Recurring Invoice : Once Recurring invoice is set with time period while creating the invoice system will auto remind the user to create the Recurring Invoice . Reminder Alerts will be sent on mail also.

Track payments history : User can check the current outstanding of any distributor or retailer or customer from his mobile app while booking any new order. He can also check the payment history of any customer on mobile.

Integrated with Tally ERP: Create/Update Payments, Invoice, Products, Credit and Debit notes In Tally from Mobile App and vice versa.

Monitor employees
Activities by Manager

As a manager, you need to know who is doing well, who needs a push in the right direction, who is converting the most leads, and so on. You also need to know how the sales figures are looking. It’s common practice for sales teams to send in their daily or weekly reports, or sometimes for the manager to run a report on these different aspects of the sales team.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, these reports don’t always come through on time. Maybe the rep is super busy and can’t spend the time logging in, running the report, saving it, emailing it, and so on.

Maybe the manager doesn’t have time to do it for every rep, and slowly but surely reports go missing, and sales figures start to drop. Targets are missed, and revenue is down, all because nobody could find the time to produce a set of reports.

With ADM Sales force automation, these reports are available 24 X 7 for all channels and Sales professional. With the minimum of effort and interruption, the manager can evaluate employee performance and see a sales forecast analysis very easily. They can make changes as needed and not have to wonder why a particular report hasn’t been filed.

This builds confidence in the sales force and gives the manager a full set of information to work with. When key reports are missing, a manager is at best ineffective. When everything is produced and seen on time, the manager can function at full efficiency and bring out the best in their team.

Dashboards & Reports

Our robust dashboard & reports help you measure every piece of your process – from campaign spends to sales closure-rates. Generate payroll report for your management to have a detailed insight on all the employee’s payroll cycle. The report has total expenditure done on their workforce which can be useful to calculate actual revenue.

Import/export data to and from excel
ADM provides various excel templates to upload your master data into the software; i.e. employee details, HR details etc. Moreover user can also export any data of employee’s in excel like Employee’s Attendance etc.

Multiple Forms
All Modules of ADM Smart work force comes with Form Module where we can design any number of forms for as per your business needs. You can use these form to take orders, for collections , Visit Reports or DSR etc. they are so versatile and have lot of field types (Text , Pictures, Barcode , Signatures, OTP, Numbers, Location etc.) that can easily accommodate any requirement of any kind of Industry and business model be it B2B or B2C.

Mobile Attendance App
Inbuilt - Face Recognition
and GPS

Mobile Attendance powered the user to On Duty & Off Duty from anywhere using their Mobile. It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place to work.

Mobile attendance app is built-in with face recognition technology to check & verify the employee face. Attendance will only be marked when employee blink his eye. So there is no need to worry about fake or buddy clocking.

Employees can use their own Smart phone for Attendance. Attendance data will sync in real time with our server. It has many flexible reports which can be easily exported to Excel.

Auto Attendance Feature

Our innovative auto Attendance feature with Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition can accept up to 20 employee’s attendance / minute. Any Android Phone/Tablet with front camera can be mounted on the wall or tripod for capturing Attendance.

Every Employee will comes in front of the camera at check in time , Camera will auto detect his face and captured the image and system will auto match his/her face from the previously captured image from the database and marked his/her attendance and will become ready for next employee.

This function is so fast that within 10 minutes 200 employee’s attendance can be captured automatically.

One Stop Solution

With ADM’s one-stop attendance management Module, you can monitor the presence of your employees in real time for all your working locations.

Punctuality Metrics

With attendance reporting, company can analyze their workforce’s punctuality in terms of their attendance and can take necessary actions and policies to improve it.

Cloud based software
Allowing anytime
Anywhere access

Data from Multiple Mobiles is synchronized on a centralized attendance server on cloud and is accessible anywhere from web browser and Mobile App.

Compatible with Android Smartphone devices

With Android Smartphone data can be synchronized at a glance from any remote location. If internet is not available smartphone will store the data in offline mode and when even internet is available it will upload the data on the server in background so user can work in any environment without warring about the availability of the internet connectivity.

  • Mark important places under geo-tagged boundaries.
  • Advance security with restricted travel zones.
  • Assign specific routes to sales force.
  • Instant alert on entry into or exit from geo tagged location/routes.
  • Set multiple numbers for SMS or email id for geo tagged alert.

Live View on Map

Live synchronization with centralized system allows you to easily view live attendance of your organization in no time. You can also view the Live Location of your Employee on the Map.

Live Dashboard

You can check any time how many employees are present and how many have not marked the attendance on Dashboard. This information is also available in attendance summary.

User access
Right Management

Allow module wise and application wise access to user. Manager can access data of his team only whereas HR can access data of all the users.

Monitor employee
Attendance by Manager

With few clicks Manager can monitor employee's attendance, absent, late, early departure and from anywhere any time using his mobile App. He can monitor Employees from his team only whereas HR/Admin can Monitor all the Employees of the Organization.

Import/export data
To and from excel

ADM Smart Workforce app installed in GPS enabled andriod of the field sales or any onfield staff which silently works in background.

ADM provides various excel templates to upload your master data into the software; i.e. employee details, HR details etc. Moreover user can also export any data of employee’s in excel like Employee’s Attendance etc.

Smart Messaging

ADM Smart Work Force is equipped with Smart Messaging. Admin can send Message to selected or all employees using our mobile application in real time and can also check whether they have read it or not and that too at no additional cost.

Multiple Forms

All Modules of ADM Smart work force comes with Form Module where we can design any number of forms for as per your business needs. You can use these form to take orders, for collections , Visit Reports or DSR etc. they are so versatile and have lot of field types (Text , Pictures, Barcode , Signatures, OTP, Numbers, Location etc.) that can easily accommodate any requirement of any kind of Industry and business model be it B2B or B2C.

Alerts Communication
Over SMS/Email

We can send SMS and Email at the time of submitting the form so live information from the employee can be send to the Manager or production unit or dispatch unit or anyone who don’t have the access to our web portal or our mobile App. Also it is use full if you want to send an acknowledgement to you customer for the order received or payment received.

Print Receipt

After the Submit of the form we can provide the Receipt to the customer for all the transaction/ Payment / Order with their signature using a portable Bluetooth Mobile Printer.

Company Geo Graphical Structure and
Sales Hierarchy

Customer can create different geographical structure and sales hierarchy for his company. Admin user of the customer can define different zones; States, City, Area Company is operational in. He can also create sales hierarchy for better team management and user can monitor or watch data as per there hierarchy and team assigned to them. One Manager at same hierarchy cannot watch the work done by any subordinate of different team.