Smart Workforce

Automate your workforce with real-time,
web based solution.

Real Time Intelligence.
Powering the Data Revolution.

Stream lines
Business Processes.
Maximize Revenue while
improving loyalty.
Unlocks your
mobile potential.
Reach your client
any time any where.

How does it Work ?

ADM Smart Workforce is a smart phone based real time data capturing application pin pointing the location address using phone`s GPS.

Simply, Install ADM Smart Workforce application on the smart phone you want to collect instant data or want to track. From then on, your admin can use a web application to allocate work task and locate the current position.

Cloud Based Solution

ADM smart workforce solution is completely cloud based, means you can access your information securely on any device or computer with an internet connection.

Being cloud based it removes physical filing, phone calls, and unnecessary emails or texts. This means there is no need for you to perform manual software updates.

Updates happen immediately behind the scenes. no need for an IT person or a server that might break down. Data is stored on secure servers with industry-standard backup and encryption, so your data is safe.

Completely Live

Know what's going on in the field and see all your work force in the same map, in real-time. Use that information to make the most efficient job assignments and enable your teams to coordinate themselves.

Location Based Communication

ADM Smart Workforce uses push technology by sending direct messages to members of your team or even to the entire work force. Receive instantly notification of messages even when app is closed. Attach locations or addresses in order to direct people using Maps or Navigation.

Fully Automated Solution

ADM Smart work force is a field force management and Automation software for industries such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma and other similar industries. ADM Smart Workforce automates and mobilize the routine activities of various field forces who works remotely or on sight.

This platform enables organizations to establish 24/7 engagement, track minute activities and enhance the productivity of their task forces.

We're here for You

You trust us with your workforce activities, and that's not something we take lightly. ADM Smart Workforce uses top-notch GPS technology, and your map are built with high-level security. Your locations and journey or meeting records will always be private, always available only for you.

Knowledge is Power

We believe it’s important for everyone in the company to know where
are your workforce & what’s going on. In today’s competitive business
climate,companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to boost
employee productivity and improve customer service.

  • Easy to use.
  • No need for a full-time administrator.
  • Real-time product availability insights.
  • Maximize product portfolio sales through promotion.
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled systematic order book generation for each retailer.
  • Inbound ordering.
  • MIS & BI Reporting.
  • Consulting for high performance sales engine.
  • Real-time stock management.
  • Retailer Discount Management.
  • Retailer Scheme Management.
  • Capturing & processing of secondary orders.
  • Complete visibility of sales team for better productivity.
  • Complete visibility on Check in – Check out at customer/client side.
  • Control on supply chain, forecasting, planning & production.
  • Create, Track and Manage Beat Plans effortlessly.
  • GPS enabled GIS based Beat Tracking.
  • Add Outlet/Retailer along with distributor mapping effortlessly.
  • State and Beat based Outlet/Retailer Addition and Tracking.
  • Set target on employee wise & month wise.
  • Close view on target summary with analysis as Daily/Weekly/15 Days/Monthly wise.
  • Tracking and efficient management of your primary as well as secondary sales.
  • A granular visibility on the productivity of your distributors and retailers.
  • Real-time insights on product availability.
  • Monitor and keep track of all sales leads. Gives quick access to lead status.
  • Speeds up the sales lead distribution process. All sales lead can be manually or auto distributed to employees on time.
  • Optimizes communication with qualified prospects. Improves customer satisfaction by faster response to enquiries and helps. to convert qualified prospects to confirmed clients.
  • ADM applications are Mobile based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Simplified User Management- Manager/Telesales/Sales Team.
  • Bulk Upload Lead or Create New Lead Manually or Upload using 3 rd Party API.
  • Auto Lead Capture from aggregators like India Mart, Just dial, Trade India.
  • Assign lead responsibility to employee or a Manager.
  • Lead Follow-up, Tracking & Reminder.
  • Tele calling via Application with Call recording.
  • Capture every event of lead Stage.
  • Classify leads into hot, warm or cold depending on the follow up response.
  • All follow up details can be attached to each lead with comments or remarks.
  • Move lead or prospects details from one category to another.
  • Search lead or prospect information.
  • Lead Maturity with Timeline.
  • Lead Analysis.
  • Lead Report with Status.
  • Call Target Vs. Achievement.
  • Product Target Vs. Achievementv.
  • Complaint entry either manually or via integration or Excel uploads facility.
  • Complaint distribution State, City and Area wise or to a particular engineer as per Skill Level.
  • Schedule appointment before making visit to save time & money.
  • Per Day Complaint/Ticket handling rule. e.g. 20 Ticket/Day.
  • Set Time interval between one service call to another call.
  • Ticket/Complaint releasing if not attended on expiry of set time interval.
  • Setting rule for complaint acceptance, if number of open tickets reaches X value in a day.
  • OTP confirmation in case of Ticket cancellation from manager/line manager side.
  • Service rating score and feedback score from client via OTP.
  • Auto payment calculation on Ticket completion either completed or canceled for Freelancer/3 rd Party/Off Roll Service Partners.
  • Configure Workflow -Manager Approval with service note.
  • Payment reimbursement details form Finance end.
  • Reminder to an Engineer on new ticket generation.
  • SMS /Email Notification to Engineer/Customer/Manager at different processes.
  • Access each complaint’s history and check the status update with details of how a complaint is being progressed and what. actions are being taken.
  • Complaint Analysis with TAT.
  • Inbuilt - Face Recognition and GPS.
  • Auto Attendance feature with Face Recognition up to 20 employee’s attendance / minute.
  • Mobile Attendance On-Duty & Off-Duty in Online / Offline mode.
  • Attendance Details via App/Biometrics System.
  • Auto Salary Generation Sheet with Salary Slip.
  • Employee Self Service.
  • All kind of Policies like (Attendance, Deduction, Late, Leave, Pay etc.).
  • Incentive /Deductions Modules.
  • General Expenses with Approval.
  • Leave Management (Apply/Approval/Rejection/Pending).
  • Overtime with or without Approval.
  • Loan/Advances with Approval.
  • Set Payment Modes- Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer.
  • Salary Report Detail/Summery with disbursement details.
  • Bank Letter for Salary Payout.
  • Uploading Personal Documents.
  • Different Public Holidays.
  • Flexi Weekly Offs.
  • User Management- ASM/Telesales/Sales Team.
  • Id Card, Business Card and Other Request from HR Form.
  • Resignation Apply with Approval.
  • Expense Management.
  • TA/DA Rules based on location and Designation.
  • Daily TA/DA with Google KM via trip/event creation.
  • Dashboard.
  • Integration with 3rd Part API.
  • Import/export data to and from excel.
  • All kind of Reports like (Payroll, Expense, Loan, Overtime, ESI, PF etc.).
  • Income Tax Calculation and TDS Deduction.
  • Create Invoices/Performa Invoice with Auto invoice numbering from Mobile App.
  • Create Recurring Invoices.
  • Auto Reminders for Recurring Invoice.
  • Track payments history.
  • Create/Update Payments, Invoice, Products, Credit and Debit notes In Tally from Mobile App and vice versa.
  • Dashboard.