A Virtual Number is provided by ADM to access the client’s customers call. The service is best suited for most enterprises that want an automated process to be in place for attending customer queries or provide information about various services. One of the most important features of the virtual number is that the calls can be forwarded as per the user’s wishes including the mobile phone, landline phone, home phone etc.

Virtual Number are 10-digit normal phone numbers that are routed to an existing phone line. Same as Long Code Numbers Virtual Number are 10-digit numbers which are configured at the operator switch for processing huge volume of incoming traffic.

Virtual Numbers solution enables you to track the phone calls you receive from your web pages or websites. It uses multiple phone numbers on your web pages to track all the incoming calls. It also optimizes and evaluate R.O.I. from online advertising.

  • Web Based Control Panel.
  • Online Reporting Instant response and real time reporting.
  • Password protected User ID.
  • Live Call Recording.
  • No call will be missed.
  • Complete history of each Prospect.
  • Automated Call distribution on percentage wise.
  • Call/Lead will not be clash in each other executive.
  • Received/Missed call SMS alert to executive.
  • Real time report on executive & call type wise.