Enhance the visitor check-in
experience and ensure a safe
& healthy workplace environment.


How System Works?

The ADM Visitor Management System ecosystem consists of an Android Tablet and ADM Temperature Sensor Module that sits at your reception area for guests to do self-check in.

Verify Mobile Number

OTP based mobile number verification ensures that the mobile numbers being captured are authentic.

Capture Pictures

ADM Visitor Management System enable you to capture pictures of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the ADM Visitor Management System cloud.

Capture Temperature

ADM Temperature Sensor Module enable you to capture temperature of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the ADM Visitor Management System cloud. It will detect face temperature of the visitor/Employees and alarm for any abnormal temperature detection. Mail and SMS are sent when any abnormalities are found.

Enhanced Efficiency

Save time for your employees & their guests through tablet self-registration.

Improve Office Security
and Health

With time-stamped records, verified phone numbers, temperature and a photo of each visitor.

Lightning Fast Setup

ADM Visitor Management System visitor management system leverages the power of the cloud to minimize hardware requirements.

Host Notifications

Instant OTP based notifications for the hosts when their visitors arrive and register themselves at the self-service kiosk. Host can approve/ disapprove their visitor by denying giving the OTP.

Print Badges

ADM Visitor Management System supports Bluetooth Printer for printing customized badges for your visitors. It contains all the important details including the photograph of the visitor which adds to the authentication process and makes the process of identification effortless. With the help of badge printing facility every visitor can be tracked uniquely without any confusion.

Customized Form

You can create your own custom fields and questions for your visitors checking-in. It's an easy platform, and you can enable and disable options like photo capture, signature, host notifications, etc. according to your requirements. The information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customized entirely.

Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed by only the concerned authority.

Send and Receive Invitees

Visitors would receive a unique digital ID with an invitation through SMS and Email.

Real-time Access Control

Get the real-time status of your visitors who is entering your office premises for a secure workplace.


Visitors can also leave comments in the field provided that gives an exact and real explanation of their experience. Feedback in the form of comments will help you to analyses the real strength and weakness of your organization and manage them effectively in future.