Give your
business a Voice

What is it ?

Virtual Numbers -Virtual Number are 10 digit normal phone numbers that are routed to an existing phone line. Same as Long Code Numbers Virtual Number are 10 digit numbers which are configured at the operator switch for processing huge volume of incoming traffic.

Virtual Numbers solution - Virtual Numbers solution enables you to track the phone calls you receive from your web pages or websites. It uses multiple phone numbers on your web pages to track all the incoming calls. It also optimize and evaluate R.O.I. from online advertising.

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App Showcase Image

How it works ?

A Virtual Phone Number is not attached to any physical phone or connection. Instead, it is hosted by a service provider. This means that you do not have to maintain and monitor your connections. Everything is taken care of by the provider, and all you have to do is use your phone number. The working of Virtual Number is very Simple.You just promote the virtual number in marketing via marketing tools.

When callers dial your virtual phone number, the call is forwarded to the phone number that you specify in your online account. You can set call forwarding to send calls to your mobile phone, home phone and employees phones depending on factors such as time of the day.

Why it is useful ?

A Virtual Number is a communication tool that makes it possible for customers to contact Businesses that may not have an actual physical telephone number. What is great about this communicative device is that you do not need a direct phone line.

With the help of virtual numbers the companies can stay in contact with their clients 24/7 and can also provide the appropriate information to the callers at any time of the day. The virtual number service also provides complete safety and security to the users.

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